Bangor PD calls out criminal in humorous Facebook post

The Bangor Maine Police Department called out a person for trying to pass off an expired registration sticker as new on Saturday, and they did it in the form of a humorous Facebook post.

There is no shame in giving it your all. We just wanted to point out that this particular creation was a weak effort….

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Saturday, 5 March 2016

The post occurred after a person tried to change the number on their expired registration sticker from 15 to 16, an attempt that clearly didn’t fool police. 

Bangor PD went on to explain this year’s stickers are gold, and the sticker used by the individual was white, which was last year’s color.

They also stressed the importance of using a Sharpie for something positive, instead of committing a crime.

“For instance, making a for sale sign for that snowmobile that never ran this winter because of the lack of snow or trying to run it with 2 year old gasoline,” Bangor PD said. “Maybe for making a mustache on their sleeping compadre. I should specify that you only do this to close friends who have a sense of humor, otherwise you could be charged with assault or criminal mischief. Maybe you should just make the for sale sign.”

The Bangor Police Department summed up their post by highlighting a few key points. 

"Let’s review. 
1. Sharpies can be fun and useful.
2. You should avoid defrauding the State of Maine by trying to make your registration sticker appear to be something that it is not (I.E. a different expiration year)
3. State of Maine 2016 registration stickers are GOLD in color."

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