GLENDALE, Ariz. (WHDH)– Nala the dog has made herself at home on the roof of her owner’s house, to the surprise, confusion and delight of area residents.

“A lot of people love her,” said owner Jason Camarena. “Honestly, they want to take pictures every time they see her.”

Nala has been designated the neighborhood watchdog because of how much she loves the rooftop.

“They even have a security camera, but I think that’s better than a security camera,” said neighbor Mark Hunt.

Nala figured out how to scale the balcony in her backyard and climb onto the roof, and has made a habit of it.

“We’re just wondering, like, where is she barking from?” Camarena said. “We looked up when we saw her, she was on the roof.”

Although the neighbors are used to it, it’s freaked some others out.

“One person actually knocked on her door and thought she was a statue because she just stood there, like she did not move at all,” Camarena said.

Her owners have explained on social media that she’s not stuck on the shingles, but that hasn’t stopped the gawkers, or law enforcement from checking in.

“People are up and down the street,” Hunt said.

Neighbors have given Nala the nickname “Pigeon” because she sits up there with the pigeons.

“We try to give her a limit, like maybe 20 minutes, half hour, but we don’t mind,” Camarena said. “At the end of the day, you know, she’s just enjoying the view up there.”

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