Barnstable Police get emergency call from woman in the UK

BARNSTABLE, MASS. (WHDH) - The Barnstable Police Department received a long distance call from a woman who mistakenly believed they were the Barnstaple Police Department in England.

Officer Mark McWilliams said he got a phone call from a woman with a British accent, reporting a car crash. McWilliams said he did not find her accent out of the ordinary because they often see a lot of tourists on Cape Cod. When he asked her where the crash happened, she said between Muddiford and Ilfricombe, two towns in southwestern England.

McWilliams said he did not recognize the names and momentarily wondered if it was a prank call. It turns out, the woman was in Barnstaple, England and accidentally got the wrong number when she used her phone to look up the police department.

“I told her it’s gonna be about a six-hour response time for us,” said McWilliams. “She seemed to see the humor in it.”

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