MIAMI (WHDH) – Police in Miami said the fire that spread to 11 cars outside the Hard Rock Stadium during the Patriots and Dolphins game Sunday was caused by someone who had left a barbeque pit under their car.

The fire happened in the parking lot just outside the Hard Rock Stadium while most people were already inside the stadium, but the smoke could be seen from both inside the stadium and from the highway.

“So we’re standing here, we’re all having a great time and we see a lot of big black smoke over there,” said one Dolphins fan, describing the moment he and his friends saw the fire. “We’re like ‘Oh, what’s going on?” We start looking and ‘Oh it’s a fire.’ Next thing we know we hear a few pops; it’s tires going off.”

Many fans didn’t know about the fire until they walked out to the charred remains.

“We literally just walked up from after the game and saw all the EMS, obviously the charred up car,” said Dolphins fan Daniel Ladue.

Some of the cars that were right next to the fire were spared from damage.

“We’re lucky with the car, for sure,” said Patriots fan Colin Bossio. “Not as lucky [with the Patriots game], but it’s alright, it’s only week one.”

Officials ruled the fire accidental.

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