Locals recount aftermath of shooting at Florida airport

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WHDH) — People from New England who were at the Fort Lauderdale Airport at the time of the shooting spoke with 7News about what it was like in the aftermath.

Boston College student Justin Brown, who was down in Florida visiting friends, said he arrived at the airport right as the shooting happened. He said he saw police cruisers and assumed it was for something else. As he was sitting at a bar in the airport watching the news unfold, he said he saw people running and screaming.

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“I immediately just heard screams, looked up and just saw a mass of people running towards the exit away from something,” said Brown. “It was quite frightening.”

Brown said he and hundreds of other people from his terminal ran to an exit that was locked and it was quickly opened. Everyone then ran onto the tarmac to safety. Brown’s parents in Georgetown said they were relieved to learn their son was safe.

“I was just glued to the set, listening to him and just feeling very reassured,” said Joann Brown.

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Two sisters from Quincy said they ran and hid under tables when they heard gunshots.

“I thought, at least it’s some kind of barrier if there’s a shot,” said Cara McNally. “I really thought, you know, I could die right now,” said Cara McNally.

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