BC to discipline student who claimed he raped women

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. (WHDH) — Boston College is looking to discipline the student who claimed in a Facebook post that he raped three women.

The posting appeared on the off-campus Facebook page called Boston College Confessions, where the man confessed to three alcohol fueled rapes of fellow students.

"I was reading it in the back of class and was immediately disgusted. Really concerned about my safety on campus and just really disappointed that something could happen so close to home,” said Chelsea Lennox, BC senior.

BC police started their investigation and the poster came forward to admit it was all a hoax.

“Everyone was talking about it and obviously concerned, but I’d rather have it be fake than true,” said Alessandra Christiani, BC junior.

“It’s not something that you joke about,” said Andrew Masi, BC senior.

School officials say the poster has been referred to the student conduct system to face discipline.

“I think that the community responded positively. I think a lot of people were outraged by it which is the positive aspect of it,” said Taylor Blake, hopes for a positive outcome.

Students and campus leaders plan to meet Thursday night for a seminar titled, “A reaction to the confessions of post #7122.”