Beach Day(s)

Still some dry air around today, enough to give us some dramatic temperature swings. Started in the upper 50s in the ‘burbs this morning, then skyrocketed to into the upper 80s/near 90 by afternoon.

In effect, that big temp swing that is sucking moisture from the ground. Things are getting a little dry out there, but there are no widespread rains in the forecast.

Only more heat.

For tomorrow, at least. Temperatures once again flirt with 90 – this time all the way to the coast thanks to a southwest breeze.

If we make it in Boston, that would be our 5th day of 90 or better this season. Compare it to the 18 we saw last summer, and you get the idea that the summer may have had a cool slant to it. Not so. June and July averaged slightly ABOVE normal, while August has been almost two degrees below normal – before this warm spell hit, that is.

The hot weather is only around for one more day before we bring in the cooler temperatures late week. By the weekend, the warmer air will try to move back into New England…and therein lies the problem. Showers and storms will result, but as bleak as that sounds, it is actually looking better than what I saw yesterday. If we keep seeing improvements each day, we might not have anything to worry about. However, I’m a realist too. With a front nearby, we will face SOME showers/storms this weekend.

We’ll continue to sort it out in the days ahead.