While we didn't get a ton of rain (most towns 0.05" or less), we did have an hour or two of light rain yesterday northwest of Boston, and even the occasional shower/sprinkle near the coast.  Of course with lots of clouds as well, it didn't make a great beach day as highs were held into the 70s. 

We change up the beach forecast today, and it looks like the next few days feature some good beach weather if you're looking to spend some time in the sand.  My guess today would be that those parking lots will fill up quickly, so hopefully you can snag a spot! The sand will be warm, but the water still a bit chilly as ocean temps hover in the lower 60s. 

Sunshine today will mix in with scattered afternoon clouds as highs reach the mid 80s inland, and near 80 along the coast before the sea breeze kicks in. Tomorrow, add on a couple more degrees and a bit more humidity, otherwise it'll look a lot like today. 

While we do run the risk of a couple afternoon thunderstorms on Tuesday, the best chance is outside 495, leaving beaches from Maine to Cape Cod mainly dry and warm again.  You'll notice the humidity really up there Tuesday and again Wednesday as dew points near 70…. in the words of a Jimmy Fallon skit, "ewwww".  Wednesday also features a higher chance of scattered afternoon storms for everyone. 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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