At 5:25pm, the winds went light and the temp in Boston hit 92°.  A hot and steamy day all around, with many spots making into the low 90s – and heat indices (or, the "feels like" temps) were in the mid to upper 90s due to the humidity.  

How do you beat the heat during these "hot dog days of summer?"  (That's what I call them, anyway: "Hot dog days," because they're hot – and they make me want to have a cookout with hot dogs on the grill!  You get me?)  Well, I saw that some of you tweeple in the Twitterverse spent your lunch break at the beach.  How lucky are we to have that option?!  I come from a land-locked state… So, there were no "beach breaks" in my world until this summer.  It's a treat.  Did you know that in some cultures, eating spicy food is a great way to keep cool on a hot day?  It may sound torturous to some, but think about it:  Spicy food makes you sweat.  Sweating keeps you cool.  Well, sweating is supposed to keep you cool when it's not humid out.  (Please see my blog from last night for the explanation on that…)

Some tweets today were centered around the idea of: "I'll take the heat over the snow!"  But others were crying "Mercy!" and begging for relief.  We do get a little relief tomorrow with the passage of a "cool front."  However, this is not the type of cool front that will have much effect on the temperatures.  Rather, this front will act more like a "dry line" and kick out the humidity.  While it will still be plenty hot – without the humidity in play, it will feel better.

This front will also fire up some strong storms tomorrow afternoon and evening.  The action starts around 2pm in Western Mass. but then will slowly move east.  These storms have the potential to be strong/severe, especially for W. Mass. into Worcester County.  The biggest concern here will be for heavy downpours, localized flooding, and damaging wind gusts.  The storms are feisty as they move into the Bay State, but they lose some "umph" as they moves east through the evening… So the likelihood for the strong/severe storms will stay west of 495.  With that said, I still can't rule out some isolated showers/storms inside of 495 late in the evening (8pm-Midnight).  It's one of those days, once again, where you need to know the forecast before you head to the park, pool, beach.  It's also helpful to have our 7News Weather App on hand so you can see the storms coming on radar.  #shamelessplug

Again, this front doesn't help too much with the temps, but it will provide some relief.  Knocking down dewpoints will make these "hot dog days" much more bearable.  That means, by Friday there's a 90% chance I'll be enjoying a hot dog at a cookout.  :c)  – Breezy


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