Belichick, Brady show support for President-Elect Trump

FOXBOROUGH, MA (WHDH) - At his final campaign stop in New Hampshire, Donald Trump wasn’t shy to drop the names of two famous New England sports personalities.

But neither Bill Belichick nor Tom Brady had much to say about the new President-Elect until recently.

“Our friendship goes back many years,” Belichick said at his Wedneday news conference. “I think anybody who has spent more than 5 minutes with me knows that I am not a political person. My comments are not politically motivated. I have a friendship and a loyalty to Donald.”

Belichick stated his letter to Trump was not about politics and that his time with the media is reserved only for football.

The coach signaled that he was through answering questions about Trump by interjecting, “Seattle” repeatedly during the reporter’s question.

Belichick wasn’t the only name drop for Trump prior to Election Day.

“Tom Brady…great guy, great guy,” Belichick said to many cheers.

Brady was mum on whether he gave Trump or anyone permission to disclose his political leanings before eventually saying he only wanted to talk about football.

As to why he shied away from election results?

“Yeah, I talked to my wife and she said I can’t talk about politics anymore,” Brady said. “So I think that’s a good decision.”

Brady was reserved and respectful with his response, showing support for both the result and the process.

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