Belichick knew Patriots ‘were going to win’ Super Bowl, Blount says

HOUSTON (WHDH) - Bill Belichick cemented himself as the greatest coach in NFL history Sunday, guiding the Patriots to an epic Super Bowl win over the Atlanta Falcons.

After winning a record fifth Lombardi Trophy, Belichick made sure to credit the guys on the field who executed the plays he called.

“This is not about me, it’s about a football team. This was a great team. This team earned what it got,” Belichick said. “It earned a championship because it performed better than anybody else.”

Down by 25 points and already written off by many, the Patriots stormed back in an impressive fashion.

“Even though the score was against us, it didn’ really feel like the game was out of reach,” Belichick said. “We didnt feel like we weren’t competitive in the game, just not competitive in the score.”

After the triumphant accomplishment, running back LeGarrette Blount said Belichick rallied the team at halftime, and instilled a sense of confidence in them that they needed.

“He was calm, he was relaxed, he knew we were going to win,” Blount said.

In quoting Bill Parcells, his longtime mentor, Belichick compared the win to a prize fight.

“In boxing, the mark of a great champion is one who can get up off the mat, and I kind of feel that what we did last night.”

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