Bennett on playing Steelers: ‘I want to make them hurt’

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. (WHDH) - Martellus Bennett compared his first playoff game to a first date. With one now under his belt, the star tight end is looking forward to the second one.

“Yea second date. You know what she likes, you don’t order the spaghetti for her because she don’t like pasta or she might be allergic to nuts, so you don’t get anything with nuts on it. Now you know those allergies,” Bennett said.

Jokes aside, Bennett’s first playoff game didn’t go as planned. He had just one catch for four yards. He said he was a little antsy then, but now realizes it’s all the same.

“Like I said last week, I was super pumped and started pressing a little bit, Bennett said. “At the end of the day, it ended just being like all the other games.”

Bennett is focused on the Steelers. They’ve won nine in a row and he says it’s for a reason.

“They pursue the ball very well and are looking to turn the ball over,” Bennett said. “We’ve got our hands full.

Even Julian Edelman echoes how much the Steelers defense has improved since their last meeting.

“It really looks like they’ve come into their own. They’re playing as a unit pretty darn well, Edelman said. “They are the best we’ve seen this year. They’re fast, athletic, they’re young but also have veterans in key spots.”

Bennett’s sense of humor is unique, both on and off the field. Although he said he won’t crack any jokes about the Steelers.

“The last people I want to make laugh is the other team,” Bennett said. “I want to make them hurt.”

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