Clouds were the deciding factor on whether you tickled 60, or surged to the mid 60s today. South of 128, the returns showed mid 60s – good enough to take the lead for the warmest location in the Commonwealth.

Now with the mild air sticking around for a good part of the overnight, we’re poised to only fall back to the low 50s in some locations. That mild start makes for an even milder afternoon tomorrow. Again the limiting factor (like it always is this time of year) remains sunshine. How much and when? Answer: not much..all day.

What I do see is another run at the mid 60s. What I don’t see is this happening again…for quite some time (never say ‘until the spring’…we’ve reached the 70s in December.) Colder air is pooling across Northwest Canada, and it will come swooping into the Lower 48 by the tail end of the weekend.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we see it right away. Right now I don’t see it coming into New England until after Veterans Day. But we’ll have a couple of cold jabs to set the table for the BIG cooldown to come.

In the meantime, I’m following the evolution of the next rain event late this week. Wet weather moves in Thursday afternoon with a good slug of water across all of New England. We’ll taper it to showers Friday before the cold pours in to head off the weekend. That cold seems to steer away another storm for Sunday and Monday, so instead of a “two-fer” we’re only getting one storm, then a long dry spell filled with cold.

Translated: get out and enjoy tomorrow.


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