Biden attacks Trump on voting, foreign affairs

WASHINGTON (AP) - Joe Biden is offering a searing takedown of Donald Trump’s views on American democracy and foreign policy.

The vice president says Trump’s claim the election may be “rigged” is an attack on “the very essence” of democracy. Biden was speaking Thursday in New Hampshire while campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Biden said Trump’s assertion in Sunday’s debate that the U.S. doesn’t know who is behind hacks of the Clinton campaign emails undermines the legitimacy of U.S. intelligence officials. They’ve said Russia appears to be behind the attacks. Trump says he does not believe that.

Biden said, “Ladies and gentlemen this guy is far beyond a bad character with women.”

Biden also said Trump has made so many “asinine assertions” that a debate over policy ideas has been drowned out.

Meanwhile, Tim Kaine says there needs to be greater voter protection efforts because of Donald Trump’s refusal to say he will accept the results of next month’s election, regardless of who wins.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee said he does not expect there to be there to be trouble with voter intimidation on Election Day. But said the Hillary Clinton campaign will be well-prepared in case there is.

Kaine said: “We can’t just take it as a joke when somebody like Donald Trump is attacking a very pillar of our democracy.”

Campaigns typically use volunteer poll watchers to ensure voting laws are followed on Election Day.

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