Big Ben restoration may take 3 years

LONDON, ENGLAND (WHDH) — The bells of London’s Big Ben may not toll for another three years as restoration begins.

Big Ben is housed in the structure that the British call Elizabeth Tower.

The restoration project is to get underway to restore parts of the historic clock and clock tower that need servicing.

Big Ben’s mechanic, Ian Westworth, said the mechanism will get a thorough going-over.

“Eventually it’s going to stop,” Westworth said. “It needs restoration, it needs a good service. So that is what we’ll be doing.  We are taking this opportunity to take every single thing apart, and have a look at it closely.”

Big Ben was originally the nickname for just the great bell of the clock but it has come to be used to refer to the entire tower.

The tower is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, home to the British Parliament.

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