If you stepped out for even just 10-15 seconds today, boy what a treat. Such a lovely winter day…all that sunshine, and cold temps–oh & how can I forget the wind. That wind–we had wind gusts near 60 mph around the metro this morning! The wind backed off a bit this afternoon but we were still feeling wind gusts over 30mph for several hours. What up?, why? That nuisance storm that came through here last evening with the snow essentially exploded up across the Maritimes earlier today, leaving a *hole* in the atmosphere (deep low pressure). Ma Nature loves balance–not atmospheric holes–so filling that hole was in the form of wind–a lot of it.

Thankfully, that wind is done (and so is mentioning atmospheric holes) but we still have a cold night and chilly Thursday on the way. At least tomorrow we won’t have that wind to contend with and getting through a cold January day without wind is manageable. Milder weather returns by Friday as the temps head for 40 by afternoon.

That is critical because when our next storm arrives Saturday morning, there won’t be any arctic air available to that storm. What that means for you is rain…not snow. The only exception will be along & north of Rt. 2. In this region, the storm may actually be able to create its own cold air–just enough where we see some wet snow. At this time, I don’t think anything other than a slushy inch (maybe 2) is possible after some rain. For the rest of us, plan on a chilly, raw rain that tapers to drizzle3 by 2-3pm. As for the Pats-Chiefs game, I’d plan on some light rain, drizzle for tailgating and kickoff (temps in the upper 30s) with cloudy skies for much of the game. A chilly breeze comes in from the north endzone (The Lighthouse) for much of the game.

Dry & cool for Sunday and Monday—good for skiing!


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