We woke to a whole new weather world today. After running around in shorts and t-shirts yesterday, we had to dig out the sweatshirts and light jackets to fend off those low 50s. Then, when we slipped into the upper 40s this afternoon, there was talk of a weather mutiny.

It won’t take long to take back our warm weather. With 80s across New York State, it’s rather close-by. Thing is, we won’t see those 80s return to New England anytime soon, BUT just getting close to them will hoist us back to the 70s….and all it takes is a turn in the wind direction.

With winds turning southeast tomorrow, we’re hardly in the money – but it’s a start. Some spots push into the low 70s away from the water, while holding in the mid 60s along the coastline. Thursday’s close to 80 with a noticeable increase in humidity…and that has me concerned.

Not because I haven’t put in all my screens yet, but because this setup is primed for an extended wet spell. Rain will come to us late on Friday and drench most of Saturday – there may even be some storms involved. And then, just when you think we’d pull out of this on Sunday, the storm stalls…and sits over New England through Tuesday. No, I’m not washing out the forecast until Wednesday – I have a hunch this system will tire itself out by Tuesday – but it does mean you won’t have to water your lawn/garden. And the pollen will be on a steep decline as well. Clearly a silver linings playbook kinda forecast.


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