Bikers escort bullied child on first day of school

A group of bikers in Indiana decided to send a message to potential school bullies: “Don’t mess with the wrong guy.”

More than 50 bikers escorted a bullied student on his first day of middle school.

The boy’s mom, Tammy Mick, said her 11-year-old son Phil contemplated suicide after being bullied at another school. He was dreading his first day, she said.

She spoke to bike mechanic Brent Warfield, who invited fellow bikers to put any prospective bullies on notice. Dozens of bikers met up with Phil and his family for breakfast, some even traveling from over an hour away, Fox 59 reports. They prayed with the young boy, then rode with him to the school in a show of support.

Warfield, who says he is also an anti-bullying activist, said the school was completely supportive of the idea.

After his prominent school escort, Phil said he is excited to have a fresh start in a new school this year.

If you or anyone you know are looking for resources with bullying or suicide, visit or The National Suicide Prevention Hotline.