Bill calls for taxing Airbnb, other short-term rentals

BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts lawmakers are poised to approve a bill that would tax and regulate short-term rentals including those offered by Airbnb and other online platforms.

The compromise bill announced over the weekend by House and Senate negotiators faces votes in the House and Senate Monday.

It calls for extending the state’s current 5.7 percent hotel tax to most short-term rentals. Municipalities would have the option of tacking on an additional 6 percent lodging tax, and another 3 percent if an owner rents out two or more units in the same community.

The Legislature is racing against a midnight Tuesday deadline to act on major bills before the formal 2017-2018 session comes to an end.

The Senate on Monday unanimously approved a House-passed bill that would create an automatic voter registration system in Massachusetts.

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