CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A proposal up for consideration in the New Hampshire legislature will potentially require landlords to give renters facing eviction 90 days to find new places to live before landlords sell or renovate their property.

The Democrat-backed bill will add new protections to the state’s eviction law, which currently allows landlords to file an eviction under claims of construction, giving tenants 30 days to leave, New Hampshire Public Radio reported on Friday.

Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, the bill’s lead sponsor, said that she hopes the new mandate will help protect tenants in situations where a landlord might claim to renovate a building but doesn’t actually have substantial renovations planned.

Housing advocacy groups like New Hampshire Legal Assistance’s Housing Justice Project said that protections from this type of eviction are important because advocacy groups have seen a spike of New Hampshire residents who faced evictions due to renovations.

Perkins Kwoka said that she wants to partner on this bill with landlords “to make sure that both landlords and tenants are being treated fairly.“

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