Billerica fire captain speaks out after helping victims of auto auction crash

BILLERICA, MA (WHDH) - As authorities continue to investigate a tragic accident Wednesday that left three dead and several others seriously injured at the LynnWay Auto Auction in Billerica, the first firefighter who responded to the scene is speaking out.

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Billerica Fire Captain Bill Paskiewicz immediately jumped into action when an employee, said to be in his 70s, crashed a 2006 Jeep Cherokee into a large crowd of people that were gathered to bid on used vehicles.

“You’re adrenaline is going. You’re trying to help as many people as you can,” the 24-year veteran said.

Authorities said the employee mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, launching the SUV forward at a high rate of speed. They said the employee traveled the length of the building before smashing through a concrete wall.

Paskiewicz was working a detail at the auction, along with a group of police officers, when they heard the crash.

“Our experience and training kicked in and we started doing the best we could with what we had,” Paskiewicz said.

Paskiewicz, a father of three, said he’s still trying to process the horrifying happening.

“Some of these calls we go to are a once-in-a-career call,” Paskiewicz said. “We train and we prepare for the worst. You still don’t expect it.”

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Sources say the employee’s license has been revoked as he was deemed an immediate threat.

Despite his actions, Paskiewicz said he does not feel like a hero.

“Everyone did their job. Anyone of us would have done the same thing,” Paskiewicz said.

While District Attorney Marian Ryan called the incident a “tragic accident,” the cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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