Yesterday we had the wind, and today, not only do we have the wind, but this time it comes with much colder air.  As westerly winds are steady near 20mph this morning, we’ll drop the wind chill factor to 0, if not below it. In fact, there still is a wind chill advisory in place for northern Worcester County until 11:00AM for wind chills running -15 to -20.

Despite the sunshine, temperatures don’t warm all that much throughout the day thanks to the frigid air to our west pressing in.  Highs this afternoon range from the mid teens in Worcester County to near 20 in Boston.

Clouds do thicken tonight and a few snow showers arrive, mainly north of the Pike, after midnight.  Those snow showers are with a warm front, so despite being cold in the early evening, temperatures actually rise overnight.  With those moderating temps, it’ll be easy to achieve a milder day Monday with a southwest wind.  Highs tomorrow near 40.  That milder pattern doesn’t last long as the next arctic front arrives late-day, providing an afternoon rain or snow shower. 

Cold air pours in Monday night, and Tuesday is another cold one with highs in the upper teens.

There still doesn’t appear to be any major storms over the next several days, however we could see a few early snow showers Friday and a batch of steadier snow moving back in by Saturday afternoon.  Plenty of time to track that, and at least highs go back into the 30s by the end of the week.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Chris Lambert
@clamberton7 on twitter

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