A Monday in December after a Patriots loss can be tough but not if the forecast calls for sunshine & temps in the 50s! That’s our setup today and this nice weather should fend all any case of the Mondays we may have. Of course, if you are a snow lover & need some snow for the Holiday Spirit (which I can respect) seeing that 7-day forecast only adds insult to injury this Monday.

It’s a new week of work & school but same ole weather pattern…El Nino influenced pattern which takes arctic air out of any forecast equation. Even with filtered sunshine today, those temps will reach the mid & upper 50s. Impressive indeed. Tomorrow is a much cooler day thanks to a cool front dropping out of Canada and this front will also have a chilly northeast breeze shoving clouds into southern New England. All three (breeze, clouds, cool air) will abruptly end our string of 50s weather as temps on Tuesday (and again on Wednesday) only reach the low to mid 40s.

By Thursday, we do see a weak weather system head this way with more clouds and even a few isolated showers but that weather system will actually remove the midweek chill as temps head back to the low 50s. It gets better (or worse) for Friday as well as the upcoming weekend. Sunshine with yet another warming trend, temps in the mid 50s on Friday & Saturday and I think we have a shot at the low 60s on Sunday. Unreal.

No strong signals of snow in New England next 10-14 days (colder weather may return week of Christmas–cold enough to make snow for skiers).


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