At least we don’t have to shovel the rain. 

After about .5-.75" of rain last night, rain continues this morning providing plenty of road spray and puddles for the morning commute.  We also have areas of fog and a gusty easterly wind as temperatures are stuck in the lower 40s.  Just a whole bunch of joy to go around. 

While the rain won’t be as heavy this afternoon, spotty light showers and drizzle will continue to hang on, keeping it damp and dismal later today.  We’ll likely more road spray for the evening commute. 

Some improvements work in overnight as the winds turns northwest, drying us out and leaving much of Wednesday dry.  While we won’t bask in the warmth of last week, we do see some milder air by the afternoon as highs head for the 50s inland and hold in the upper 40s near the coast. 

The warmest day this week?  That coincides with St. Patrick’s Day.  We’ll call it the luck of the Irish.  While I can’t rule out a few showers, at least it won’t be a washout, and it’ll be rather mild for mid March with temps in the mid to upper 50s. 

We cool down by the weekend and that may set the stage for some…. dare I say it?… snow.  At least there’s a risk of some rain and or snow by Sunday afternoon into Monday morning pending the development and track of a potential storm.  Too early for many specifics, but the chance for stormy weather is there.  We’ll keep you updated of course !

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