The Blizzard of ’15 wasn’t only a test for your snow remover, your car, and your patience.

It was also a test for the state’s new governor, who warmed to his challenge as Massachusetts was frozen by cold and snow.

“We have declared a state of emergency effective immediately,” said Gov. Baker.

As the storm approached, Baker seemed a bit stiff, reading from prepared notes, and dressed in a suit and tie that looked out of place in the Massachusetts Emergency Bunker, where former-Governor Deval Patrick always showed up in a snappy MEMA vest.

“This is kind of my work uniform, as you all know, and I consider this to be very much a day at work.” said Gov. Baker, grabbing his lapels.

But the next day, the suit and tie were gone and Baker had an answer ready:

“Today is a snow day. I’m dressed for a snow day.”

And it sure was. As the state hunkered down, the good news for the governor was that his driving ban was working. No one was complaining. And the roads could be cleared.

As it snowed, Baker spent more time inside the emergency bunker than any other governor has.  

He was well aware he was being tested. Having campaigned as an in-the-weeds, hands-on manager, he knew exactly what was at stake: his first impression, and even his reputation.

By the time the storm was ending, what we saw was a calm, careful, increasingly confident governor – who clearly counted on the expertise of others more experienced in emergencies – and who spoke for everyone when he said:

“I better be sleeping at home tonight.”

Several times, Governor Baker mentioned how cooperative all the agencies in the bunker were. And watching them I thought:

This is what government can do when there are no Republicans or Democrats, just people working together to get other people home, safe.

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