Bobbing For Apples

The annual northward migration of the jet stream is under way. Yay. Last week this jet stream was reminding us of its function….to deliver storms–both rain & snow for several months between November & March. When the jet stream begins to retreat to the north into Canada, storms can (and do) still form but without the winter jet stream these storms can move rather slow—picture a few apples bobbing around  a tub of water. When one gets stuck under one of these appl–err—storms, the weather is lousy for several days due to the slow moving nature of the storm. What also can happen is slow moving High Pressure systems and when that happens you get a stretch of sunshiney weather for several days. Just take a look at out 7-day forecast to see for yourself!

The only knock on this upcoming sunsational pattern will be (for some of you) the temps. High Pressure will be located out in New York State and with it over there–versus south of Nantucket–it will allow chilly ocean air to invade coastal New England each of the next several afternoons. Notice how I plastered Cooler Coast all over that 7-day? For afternoon highs, take off 5-8 degrees from what you see on that 7-day map to find out coastal temps…basically, upper 40s to mid 50s…not bad but a little cool along the coast.

Enjoy Them Apples!