LITTLETON, Mass. (WHDH) — The Wildes spotted a family of bobcats hanging out in their Littleton backyard last week and tried to get the mom and her kittens to stay.

“Just like you would see in the Serengeti where they'd sort of stalk through the grass,” Angela said.

For four days last week a mom and four kittens called the Wilde's yard home.

“I went to brew a cup coffee and I looked down said ‘hun look out here this is incredible,’” Allen  said.

“They were play fighting playing with each other then they’d go over to her and pounce on her and she’d cuff them,” Angela said.

The Wilde's have long watched nature make its way through their yard.

“This is a great place to live. We have deer, wild turkey, we've even had fisher cats, three fishers bobbing across our lawn. You don't see those very often,” the couple said.

This time around they wanted the wildlife to stick around so much they stayed inside quiet as a mouse for days.

“We couldn't open any doors, we didn’t want to open any windows, we had to close the shutters, close cabinets real quietly so they don't scare off,” Allen said.

The family of five pounced on some ornamental grass and killed some azaleas but then they were off, leaving the Wildes at peace.

“They stayed for not a long as I’d like them to but it was a treat,” Angela said. “Maybe they'll come back next year.

The Wilde’s think the bobcats moved along after clearing the area of the wildlife bobcats enjoy eating.

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