Shout out to the folks on the Cape/South Coast yesterday—you guys definitely took one for the rest of southern New England with all that snow–much appreciated. You folks will get the rest of us back in June-July-August with some fantastic beach weather. OK…Moving on to Cincinnati…

That Cape snowstorm is long gone but the arctic air remains for the day. We start the say in the single numbers—that’s cold for February standards and downright laughable for March–and despite strong March sunshine we only manage the mid 20s by afternoon. At least winds will be light & variable.

As for the weekend, it’s decent with bright sunshine tomorrow but more clouds Sunday. Sunday could actually see a few sprinkles and of course the mention of sprinkles means milder air. Tomorrow we hit the 30s and Sunday make a run at 40. In fact, we’ll continue that warming trend into early next week with daytime temps into the 40s both Monday & Tuesday. On Wednesday, I think we can touch 50 for a few hours by afternoon. Also, the pattern is quiet with no storms in sight for the next 6-8 days….actually this is just about perfect when needing to melt 2-3 feet of snow.


PS…..almost forgot…..flip those clocks ahead one hour Saturday Night/Early Sunday morning as Daylight Saving Time kicks in–also..change the batteries in the smoke/CO detectors.

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