BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston Animal Care and Control is reminding the public to refrain from running after lost animals after a bystander on Tuesday chased a chihuahua into traffic, resulting in the dog’s death.

Officials say the chihuahua named Nikki was fatally struck by a car after the bystander attempted to catch the animal but instead forced it to dart out into the road in Southie.

“When you see a lost animal, DO NOT chase them. Call your local Animal Control and stand by until they arrive. When an animal becomes lost or separated from their owners, some will go into fight or flight mode,” officials said in a Facebook post.

Officials added, “The person calling out to them or chasing them will not be seen as their owner or the good Samaritan trying to help them, they will be seen as a threat. Chasing a scared animal only pushes them further away from the location they were lost, and even worse can result in situations like this.”

It’s not clear how long Nikki had been missing for.

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