Boston city councilor calls for banning masks at protests

BOSTON (WHDH) - After 36 people were arrested during the “Straight Pride” parade two weeks ago, a Boston city councilor is proposing a ban on masks and bandanas at protests in the Hub.

Hyde Park Councilor Tim McCarthy’s proposal would make all face coverings illegal at demonstrations.

The proposal comes after a justice on the state’s highest court sided with Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins’ push to drop the charges against some of those protesters.

The DA argued a municipal judge overstepped his authority by refusing to drop those charges, and the justice agreed. Rollins says she will decided whether to prosecute those who were arrested on a case by case basis and has said she intends to prosecute charges of assault and battery on a police officer.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh didn’t comment on the ruling but said he is not in favor of violence.

“We arrested people that day. Four police officers got hurt,” Walsh said. “We don’t condone the message of straight pride and we don’t condone a rebuttal in violence. That’s just not who we should be or who we are as a city.”


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