BOSTON (WHDH) - City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo is planning to continue his campaign for DA despite losing some endorsements after denying years-old allegations of sexual assault that were made public in a new report by the Boston Globe.

The report described how Arroyo was investigated twice in connection with possible sexual assaults on young women when he was 18 in 2005, then again in 2007.

“Just to be clear, I have never sexually assaulted anyone in my life,” Arroyo said in a press conference addressing the article.

At the conference, a lawyer representing one of the young women involved in the allegations read a statement denying the report.

“I was very clear with the Boston Globe, from the very beginning, that Ricardo Arroyo did not assault me,” read Attorney Brigite Melo-Cronin.

Arroyo was never charged with any crime and insists he never knew about the accusations until now. He also said he believes reports of these accusations surfacing now are all politics, pointing the finger at current Suffolk County DA Kevin Hayden, his opponent in the upcoming election.

“Sadly, what has now become clear is that the current district attorney, or an official working on his behalf, just weeks before this election has selectively and illegally leaked incomplete information to the media,” Arroyo said. “This criminal act and abuse of power was clearly done to harm my reputation and impact an election in which Kevin Hayden’s administration has a vested interest.”

The Hayden campaign soon responded, writing in a statement that Ricardo Arroyo was “clearly caught lying multiple times to reporters as he made seemingly frantic attempts to cover up the disturbing accusations against him.”

“In the statement he put out after the fact, he continued to change his story,” the campaign statement said. “Now he is tossing out completely false and unfounded accusations in order to deflect from his own misconduct.”

The troubling report has already cost Arroyo at least one high-profile endorsement, with former congressman Joseph Kennedy III pulling his support.

“These allegations are incredibly serious and undermine the foundation of an effective DA’s office – trust and accountability,” Kennedy said in a statement through a spokesperson.

Boston City Council President Ed Flynn has also withdrawn his endorsement of his colleague, citing the troubling allegations and conflicting statements.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu had also endorsed Arroyo’s candidacy, but when asked, could not say whether her endorsement still stood.

“(I’m) waiting to see what more details might evolve in this situation,” Wu said Wednesday. “It is, of course, troubling to learn of this type of allegation, no matter how many years ago.”

In light of the controversy, Arroyo stated his campaign will continue, full steam ahead.

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