BOSTON (WHDH) - A Boston family was forced to make way for ducklings after a mother duck decided to lay her eggs in a planter on the balcony of their twelfth-floor apartment.

Judith Wurtman ditches the New England blizzards to spend the winter months in Florida but, when she came home to her Boston apartment she discovered a duck had laid her eggs in an empty planter on her balcony.

“I feel like a midwife, but I’m not sure I’m going to be there for the birth,” she said.

Feeling worried about the duck nesting all the way up on the 12th floor, Wurtman had to learn how to take care of her unexpected visitors.

“Somebody gave me the name of a woman who is an expert on saving ducklings when they’re born on people’s balconies, so they can actually manage to get down to the duck pond, with mom,” she said.

From there, Wurtman’s own motherly instincts kicked in and she started finding ways to protect them by setting up umbrellas on rainy days and making sure the mother duck was fed.

“About two or three times a day, I would go out and hold this bowl in front of her beak, and she would stick it in the water and take the water and duck food and bok choy, and she would pick my hand to say go away,” said Wurtman.

Since she does not know when the duck arrived on her balcony, she is not sure when those eggs will hatch. But, in the meantime, she says she will continue looking forward to the day the ducklings come out of their shell.

“In my fantasy, we would have a procession down two elevators and across the street and into the duck pond and I’d write a book, and become famous, but clearly that’s not going to happen,” she joked.

Wurtman lives across from the Public Gardens and said she hopes the new family will be able to make a home in one of the ponds there.

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