Boston food pantries say they are in need of donations amid coronavirus emergency

BOSTON (WHDH) - With many people out of work and kids out of school, food pantries have been working extra hard to keep people fed.

But with the demand so high, they’re in need of donations.

At their Yawkey Center pantry, Catholic Charities employees and volunteers are packing up food bags for those who need them.

It used to be a pantry where you could come in and shop, but to stop the spread, this way is better and simpler.

“We are just taking their ID, writing down their names and giving them food,” says Beth Chambers, director of Catholic Charities of the Greater Boston Area.

Chambers says 16,000 pounds of food has come out of the Yawkey Center alone this week.

“We’ve seen the demand double within the last couple of days. Just today, Thursday, we are up over 100 families and I know that that will continue,” said Chambers. “Most of the people each day this week have been new people.”

Now, they are asking the public for even more help.

“Right now we can always use more funding, so it’s gift cards, it’s money coming into here, we always have set up on our website where folks can do orders through amazon and have them delivered here or any of our other 4 food pantries that we have within the area,” says Chambers.

They are able to get most of their food from the Greater Boston Food Bank but could always use donations.

“Folks help us with the amazon deliveries, we’ve had people bringing in food,” says Chambers. “Someone down in our Brockton office come in with 6 bags of peanut butter and jelly and tuna and cereal – it’s that sort of thing we can always use.”

For information on where the food pantries are located, and how to donate — visit their website.

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