Boston Globe offers satirical glimpse of Trump-led future

The Boston Globe’s Editorial Board is taking a shot at Donald Trump, printing a satirical front page offering a glimpse of what America under President Trump could look like.

The parody front page is being included with the Sunday edition of the paper. The main headline says "Deportations to Begin," a reference to Trump’s campaign promise of stricter immigration laws. 

Other stories include a new libel law targeting "absolute scum" in the press, a note that Yellowstone Park’s name has been changed to "Trump National Park" and another story about soldiers refusing orders to kill ISIS families.

"Our goal is to create a conversation about what a Donald Trump presidency could look like and the vision he has for America’s future," the Globe’s Editorial Board said in a statement. "We want Americans still considering candidates going into the voting booths with a clear view of the presidency they are choosing."

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