A grand jury in Ferguson will reportedly announce its decision whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown in August.

The case fueled protest across the country.

The 12th Baptist Church of Roxbury held services to pray for Michael Brown’s family, for a grand jury decision, and for a peaceful response to that decision. The church leaders urged calm, saying that they had met with law enforcement and did not believe that riots or problems would occur here.

“In talking with the police commissioner here, they guaranteed – the clergy that gathered and some of the elected officials – that the way that they would approach any protesting that may happen in Boston will be very different from Ferguson. There will be no riot gear, there will be no batons, and they’ll handle it in the same way they did the Occupy Boston,” said Rev. Jeffrey Brown of the Black Ministerial Alliance.

Following the announcement from Missouri, church leaders plan to hold a forum tomorrow to discuss race and community and police relations.

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