BOSTON (WHDH) - A man already facing assault charges for another alleged attack is accused of assaulting a case worker at Suffolk County’s Nashua Street Jail last week.

Ahmad Maiden, 43, appeared before a judge on Wednesday. Prosecutors say he allegedly attacked a female case worker inside the jail, a day after he had already been in court on separate charges.

Maiden is also accused of punching a corrections officer while inside the jail in an earlier incident. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said it was when he returned to the jail from that court hearing, that he allegedly attacked the case worker as she attempted to meet with him.

“For reasons unknown, detainee Maiden began to strike with closed-fist punches to her head and to her face,” said Assistant District Attorney Kevin Morgan. “Additionally, detainee Maiden told staff that he would make one phone call and he would have them killed.”

Meanwhile, the defense pointed out that, according to the defendant, Maiden has several conditions that he allegedly has not received proper treatment for while at Nashua Street.

“My client has been diagnosed, which I think for this particular set of facts and case is important, with schizophrenia and bipolar, prior to being taken into Nashua Street’s custody,” said Maiden’s defense attorney. “It’s my understanding, from what my client has expressed to me, while being held at Nashua Street Jail, he hasn’t gotten the services, as in the medication, and other therapy services that he would have needed.”

7NEWS connected with the case worker, who is still recovering. The victim said she is still shaken up from last week’s attack, which occurred just a few weeks before her wedding.

As the trial continues, Maiden is reportedly no longer being held at the Nashua Street facility and has been moved elsewhere.

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