Boston Marathon by the numbers

It takes 391 school buses to shuttle the runners to the starting line. This year, there are 30,000 entrants. 

Up to one million people are expected to come to watch the Boston Marathon. 

More than 8,000 volunteers make the Boston Marathon run smoothly. 

There will be 46,000 gallons of Poland Spring water along the Marathon route and 116,000 .5L bottles of water at the start and finish lines. 

The Boston Marathon is the oldest existing annual marathon. Only 18 runners rant the first Boston Marathon. 

About 20 miles into the race, runner have to conquer Heartbreak Hill. Most people think that at 263 feet about sea level it is the highest point of the Marathon, but the starting line is 463 feet and most of the marathon is run at a decline. The finish line is at 16 feet above sea level. 

The winners of the male and female divisions win $150,000. The first year prize money was awarded was in 1986, when winners received $60,000 and a Mercedes Benz.