Boston pitches Suffolk Downs as site for new Amazon Headquarters

BOSTON (WHDH) — Several cities around New England and America, including Boston, are hoping to be chosen as the location for Amazon’s new headquarters. The massive project would bring 50,000 jobs to the area.

Amazon said they are looking to build a second headquarters in a business-friendly home with strong talent. Communities in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire have joined the bidding war ahead of Thursday’s deadline.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said Boston’s proposal includes at least four potential locations and, at this time, Boston is not offering any tax incentives because it’s too soon discuss them. The mayor said there are already other incentives for the e-commerce giant to build here.

Walsh told 7News that the Suffolk Downs race track in East Boston is the primary location detailed in the city’s bid to land Amazon’s new headquarters. The former race track on William F. McClellan Highway opened in 1935, but his since closed. Walsh said locations along the South Boston waterfront, Brigthon and Widett Circle are also in the running.

“It’s about growth. Having a company like Amazon in Boston or the greater Boston area would be a huge lift to the economy and really a draw for other companies to come in,” Walsh told 7’s Sharman Sacchetti.

Worcester was just one of several cities across the state, and more than 50 cities across the country, that joined in a bidding battle to become the home to Amazon’s second headquarters. The city is offering $500 million in tax incentives over 20 years.

New Hampshire is advertising Londonderry as the place for Amazon with “the benefits of Boston without all the headaches.”

“It has grown beyond capacity to the point where Boston actually had to withdraw from Olympic consideration because of the citizen’s fury over current untenable traffic congestion,” New Hampshire noted in its proposal.

In response to New Hampshire’s knock on the city, Walsh said it would be a “badge of honor” if Boston were to be selected.

“They’re taking shots at Boston because of our success, which is great. Hopefully we’ll continue that,” Walsh said.

Amazon’s new campus will include many jobs with six-figure salaries and the company expects to invest more than $5 billion in construction.

Lynn said they have over 100 acres ready for the company along Route 1A and Somerville is also working on a proposal.

Unlike other states, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has not put his support behind one city. Atlanta, Austin and Toronto are among other major cities in the running.

The proposals are due Thursday and a review period will follow. It will likely be a while before the location of the new headquarters is announced.

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