Boston Police are investigating a bizarre hostage hoax that happened at a Roslindale home on Thursday. 

Simone Cromwell says her 18-year-old daughter was babysitting her three daughters on Thursday when Cromwell got a call from an unknown number.

Cromwell said the male caller told her daughter he had her father and would hurt him if she did not give him money. Police believe the daughter gave the caller’s Cromwell’s number as somebody who could give him money. 

Cromwell then received another call from a person making threats against her daughters.

"They called me and said ‘I am in your house.’ They named all my daughters. So, I knew that they were familiar. So, I felt there were really people in my house," said Cromwell.

However, the caller was never inside Cromwell’s home.

Cromwell said the caller made the 18-year-old daughter give the caller phone numbers for friends and family who could supply money. 

Cromwell then stopped a stranger who reported the incident to 911, Cromwell said. 

Simone then wired $600 to a man in Massachusetts.

Boston Police surrounded Cromwell’s home and busted into the house.

The SWAT team found the young daughters hiding inside a closet. 

Police believe the perpetrators are getting info from social media and then using that to make extortion threats.

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