Boston Public Schools begin remote learning as pandemic delays in-person classes

BOSTON (WHDH) - Students in Boston began their classes remotely Monday after the coronavirus pandemic prompted the city to delay the start of in-person learning.

Boston Public Schools will continue with remote learning throughout September before transitioning to a hybrid model where students go to school twice a week beginning Oct. 1.

Students with the highest needs will be the first to return to the classroom and school officials will gradually introduce hybrid options for all students by grade level. Parents can also opt to keep their children on remote learning.

Stephanie Shapiro Berkson, who has two children in BPS, said she thought the district was hitting the right balance.

“It’s definitely a two-edged sword, it’s fantastic for the kids to have something productive to go back to, but at the same time you have to think of health and safety,” Shapiro Berkman said.

Her son Brennan, who is in sixth grade, said he was looking forward to seeing his friends and teachers, even if it was just on a screen.

“I’m excited we finally get to go to school, which is good,” Brennan said.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh tweeted Monday, “To all of the students out there, please know that it’s ok to feel nervous or uncertain. Nothing about 2020 has felt normal. But remember that your city and your mayor have your back, and we’re here for you.”


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