Boston Public Schools officials have released statements on the passing of former Mayor Thomas Menino.

Statement from Michael D. O’Neill, Chairperson of the Boston School Committee:

“Mayor Menino, as much as he loved Boston overall, was all about the children of Boston and most especially those in the Boston Public Schools. He was fond of saying ‘we take all students and teach all students’ and, as usual with his fighting spirit, he considered that both an honor and an obligation. He consistently reminded those of us charged directly with improving public education in Boston of the need to be focused squarely on the youth and to do what was right at all times. He was a leader nationally among major city mayors in assuming full responsibility for improvement in his city’s schools and from his strong, focused, personalized approach, often from individual day-to-day observations in our schools and his numerous daily interactions with school leaders, teachers, staff, parents and students, he led the effort for Boston to now be considered a national leader in urban education. But, for Mayor Menino, it was all about the students, for as he often said ‘I’m happiest when I’m in one of our schools.’ His positive impact will be felt for generations to come in our city.”

Statement from John P. McDonough, Interim Superintendent:

“Mayor Menino saw promise and potential in every child. He turned our city’s school system into a model that other big cities have tried to recreate. Over 20 years of school visits he came to know our teachers, students, school leaders, parents, custodians and coaches by name — and they certainly knew him. He pushed for equity and quality in every school, for every student, across entire generations of Boston families. He never stopped fighting for excellence and he never gave up. Our hearts go out to his family. Mayor Menino will be in our hearts forever.”

For more reflections on Menino’s passing and a number of contributions he’s made to the system, click here.

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