Boston raising parking rates in the city

BOSTON (WHDH) - Get those quarters ready! Parking rates are about to get more pricey in the Back Bay and Seaport districts.

It’s all part of a pilot program by the city aimed at ultimately opening up more spots for short-term parking.

The program will start on Jan. 3, 2017.

Mayor Walsh says the goal is to reduce traffic congestion and improve short-term parking options.

In the Back Bay, meter prices will jump from the current price of $1.25 an hour to $3.75. This will affect more than 1,600 spots.

Streets involved include Beacon, Arlington, Stuart, Mass Ave, and Charlesgate.

In the Seaport, a different system will be implemented based on a dynamic pricing system. The maximum price could be $4.00 an hour. Prices will start at $1.50 and will be based on supply and demand. Those prices will adjust by 50 cents based on occupancy.

Prices will be adjusted every two months, with minimum prices being $1.00. High-demand blocks will go up by 50 cents and lower-demand blocks will be reduced by the same amount.

Prices will also be varied based on the time of day.

Officials say the goal is to force more drivers to park in off-street garages and lots if they’re staying all day, leaving metered spaces for short-term parking.

City officials say additional revenue from the program will be re-invested in the city’s transportation initiatives.

For more on the project as well as local reaction, check out the video above.

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