BOSTON (WHDH) - Restaurant owners shifted to indoor dining to keep their customers cool as a heat wave continued to hit Boston.

Outdoor dining became popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with a heat emergency in the city through Thursday, some restaurants have shut down their outside seating.

“We’re seeing higher volumes right now of ED visits and we’re seeing more admissions to the hospital, and it’s probably related to some of the heat emergency we are seeing,” said Chief of Emergency Services at Boston Medical Center Dr. Christian Arbelaez.

The owner of Union Oyster House, Joe Milano, has shut down his outdoor dining out of concern for his customers and staff.

“We welcome indoors. Certainly air-conditioned, we can see people walking down the street and they are quite overheated,” said Milano.

Medical experts advise outdoor diners and others staying outdoors to take precautions in the heat.

“One, they need to stay hydrated. So the moment they get home, drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes,” said Arbelaez. “Number two is they have to stay aware of their bodies and make sure that they hit the shade, find a breeze.”

Arbelaez shared the signs of heat exhaustion, which include muscle cramps, dizziness, headaches, weakness and confusion. He said he’s seen more admissions to the hospital, and said the heat wave could be partially to blame.

Meanwhile, some tourists enjoying the outdoor dining scene in Boston didn’t seem all too concerned about the heat.

“It’s been hot, it’s been warm,” said tourist Paul Mucklan from Ireland, who said he’s used to cooler temperatures back home.

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