Back Bay restaurants shut down amid probe into salmonella cases

BOSTON (WHDH) - Two restaurants in Boston’s Back Bay section were shut down by the city’s health department due to an array of serious violations.

The Boston Inspectional Services Department is investigating a recent outbreak of a foodborne illness at Café Med and Back Bay Sandwich on St. James Avenue.

Officials said an inspection of the two locations last Thursday uncovered 19 violations at both resturants. Nine confirmed cases of salmonella were also found at both establishments, officials said. Both restaurants have had their permit to operate suspended.

According to health inspections, Cafe Med was found to be storing food at improper temperatures and chicken was found sitting in green liquid. Raw waste was also said to be backing up into prep sinks and employees were apparently not changing their gloves.

Back Bay Sandwich also had 19 violations, including evidence of rodent activity and droppings, food not being stored at proper temperatures and unclean refrigerators, officials said.

Both restaurants will remain closed until an investigation is completed.

The Boston Inspectional Services Department issued the following statement in the outbreak:

“ISD and the Boston Public Health Commission are working with Cafe Med and Backbay Sandwich to ensure compliance of all applicable codes. This is an ongoing investigation into the cause of the illness and the health permits for both establishments will be suspended until further notice.”

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