A woman from Boston was killed in a shark attack in the Bahamas Monday, local officials said. 

Police said the woman was paddleboarding off New Providence Island when she was attacked around 11 a.m.

The attack happened off the western end of the island, which is home to the Bahamas’ capital, Nassau. 

Though police said the woman and a man she was paddleboarding with were quickly rescued by a lifeguard in a rescue boat, they said the woman could not be saved. 

“CPR was administered to the victim,” one police official said. “However, she suffered serious injuries to the right side of her body including the right hip region and also her right upper limb.”

Police did not share additional information about the man who was also paddleboarding. 

Witnesses to the attack, though, told local media the woman was just married on Sunday, adding that she and her husband had been paddleboarding together. 

The woman was a guest at the Sandals resort on New Providence Island at the time of her death. 

As reaction poured in Monday, the resort shared its response, saying in a statement “We are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of a guest while on a paddleboarding activity nearly a mile from the shore.”

“We wish to express our heartfelt condolences to the guest’s family and loved ones,” the resort continued. “We remain in close contact with them and are providing all support possible during this difficult time.”

Authorities had not yet said as of Monday evening what kind of shark attacked the woman. 

While deadly shark attacks are rare, shark experts said this was the second such incident reported in the Bahamas in just two weeks. 

“We get very few fatalities in the Caribbean,” said Gavin Naylor of the Florida Program for Shark Research. “But we’ve had about three in the past five years.” 

With a big tourist population, Naylor said, there are a lot of people in the water who want to see sharks. 

Naylor said sharks are “pretty cautious animals,” adding “they’re more likely to go away.”

“As they become acclimated to our presence in the water, they may get a bit bolder,” he said. 

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