Boxford Police help teen with ‘promposal’

BOXFORD, MA (WHDH) – Prom season has arrived—dresses, flowers and police officers? Some officers in Boxford lent a hand to help make a teen’s “promposal” one to remember.

“I was happy to do to it, it was just really fun,” said Officer Brook Dechene, of the Boxford Police.

Officer Dechene said she was more than willing to come in on her day off last week to help a Masconomet High School student with an elaborate plan to help a girl ask her boyfriend to prom.

“We start following him, there’s another cruiser behind me, he has no idea,” said Officer Dechene. “We end up getting to a nice safe location where there’s a shoulder off to the right so we could pull him over, we wanted to see if we could get him out of the car.”

When you’re a 17-year-old driver, getting pulled over is just about as terrifying of a thing there is.

“All of a sudden I see sirens and lights and they’re pulling me over, and I’m like, ‘Oh God.’” said Eli Cronin, a high school senior at Masconomet High School.

That’s what Eli Cronin thought was happening on April 21, when he was driving to pick up his girlfriend Jordyn Teveter.

“Sooner than later, a third cop comes with sirens and lights, that’s when I’m freaking out,” said Cronin.

Turns out, his girlfriend had something to do with it.

After the officers pulled Cronin over, they got him out of the car and quizzed him a bit.

“I was just thinking ‘Wow, he must be peeing his pants right now, there’s four cops around him right now!’” said Teveter, a high school junior at Masconomet High School.

“One of the other officers was drilling him with traffic questions, and he’s answering every question!” said Officer Dechene.

That’s when Teveter walked over with sign that said, “The only ticket you will be getting…is to prom!”

“He just stared it, and stared at her until he finally realized what was going on,” said Officer Dechene.

The Boxford Police Department posted the photo on their Facebook page and said, besides playing cupid they are also available for birthday parties, photo shoots and doughnut tasting.

There was obvious relief in Cronin’s big hug for his girlfriend after it was all said and done, but he still had one big question to answer.

“Yes! Yes automatically,” said Cronin.

“I knew he was going to say yes,” laughed Teveter.

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