Boy, 4, drives great-grandfather’s car to gas station during rush hour to buy candy

(WHDH) — Police in Minnesota were dumbfounded after they learned a 4-year-old boy had climbed into his great-grandfather’s SUV and drove to a gas station during the morning rush hour to buy candy on Tuesday.

The boy, who could barely see over the steering wheel, departed his great-grandfather’s home around 8:30 a.m. and drove down several streets, toppling mailboxes along the way, KMSP-TV reported.

Witnesses say they spotted the boy driving erratically at about 15 mph before he arrived at the gas station.

The boy also clipped a tree and left a piece of the vehicle’s bumper in a neighbor’s yard.

Blaine Police Captain Mark Boerboom was stunned to learn the boy was in search of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

“I’ve never seen a driver this young before operating a vehicle,” he told the news outlet.

The boy’s great-grandfather, Roy Becker, says his grandson used a walker to remove his car keys from a wall hook.

When no one was looking, the boy took off without fastening the seatbelt, according to Becker.

Family members plan to lock the keys away to prevent future problems.

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