Boy, 9, raises $80K to purchase bulletproof vests for police dogs in need

(WHDH) — A 9-year-old boy with a passion for helping police officers has raised nearly $80,000 to help equip K9 dogs with bulletproof vests.

Brady Snakovsky, an elementary school student who hopes to one day become a law enforcement officer, started a gofundme with a goal of raising $85,000 for K9s in need of vests. He has since racked up $79,920.

After launching the fundraiser, Snakovsky told WTSP-TV that he wanted the K9s to “to stay safe from bad people.”

K9 vests cost about $1,200 each. Snakovsky has partnered with Line of Fire Defense Systems to help attain his goal.

Their particular vests use technology to create a lightweight feel. They help regulate body heat so K9s can wear them for an entire shift. They also feature ballistic and edged weapon protection for vital organs.

“I hope to provide as many vests as I possibly can to the very deserving officers that are out there,” Snakovsky said on his gofundme page.

Brady has vested 85 K9s. There is currently a waiting list of 57 police officers who have K9 partners in need of vests.

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