Boy befriends police officer having lunch at Cohasset pizza parlor

COHASSET, Mass. (WHDH) — A little boy in Cohasset made a new friend over the weekend when he joined a police officer sitting by himself on a lunch break.

Officer Jay St. Ives was at Cohasset Pizza House Saturday when he was approached by a 3-year-old boy named John, who had a lot of questions for him.

“His main concern was if I had any bad guys in my police car but he also wanted to know I had on my belt and how I use it,” said St. Ives.

John sat with St. Ives for the next hour. St. Ives said he was amazed by how captivated the little boy was by him talking about being a police officer. A picture of the two together was shared by his police department on Facebook and it now has thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. St. Ives said many people have told him it resembles the famous Norman Rockwell painting of a young boy and a Massachusetts state trooper.

“I think something simple like that took off and basically anyone in our department would have done the same thing,” said St. Ives.

John got a tour of the Cohasset Police Department on Sunday from St. Ives, who said another lunch at Cohasset Pizza House is already being planned.

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