Boy in desperate need of transplant denied kidney because father violated parole

(WHDH) — A toddler in desperate need of a kidney transplant was denied the surgery because his father, who surgeons say is a 110 percent match, violated his parole.

WGCL-TV reports that AJ Burgess, 2, was born prematurely without a functioning kidney. His future is now uncertain.

Dickerson proved to be a perfect match for his son, however he had been previously jailed on weapon charges. On Oct. 3, the news outlet says Dickerson was set to take part in the donation process when he was arrested again for possessing a weapon and violating his parole.

After the incident, Burgess’ mother says Dickerson was told by a healthcare official that he would “need to be on good behavior for three to four months” before being allowed to donate his kidney to his son.

Dickerson was told his status would re-evaluated in Jan. 2018, but Burgess’ mother says that could be too late.

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